We are currently living in testing economic times and many people are being very careful with their money and are worried about job security.  In this climate can businesses really thrive. And does it make sense to consider starting a new business? Well, there are certain types of businesses that seem to be recession proof.

Health Care

No matter what the economic climate people are always in need of good health care. In fact it could be argued that there is more of a demand for health care when times are hard. The health care industry has definitely grown over recent years, and this growth shows no sign of abating.

Health care business ideas might include illness prevention solutions, home health care of course, and even alternative health care.


The food industry is a great business area no matter what the economic climate as everybody needs to eat and drink of course.  And this doesn’t mean you have to start a restaurant – there are many different possible business areas within “food” – alternative/healthy food for example (great idea as generally people are becoming much more aware of the importance of healthy eating.)

Funeral Services

Not the “dead end” job it would appear to be, if you will pardon the pun. There is always new customers coming along every day.  Again, this does not mean you would have to become a funeral director necessarily – you may offer related services such as supplying wreathes and flowers, or even funeral photography (which is now an established business idea).

Repair Services  

Things will always break down. And in a recession people are more likely to have things repaired rather than buy new. It might be an idea to specialise in something like kitchen appliances for example.

Of course some of the above ideas will require specialist training and equipment, but once you have that you will be in a good position running a recession-proof business that shouldn’t take too long to cover start-up costs and return a good, regular profit!